Be the Light!

At River Lights of Wonder, we believe in the power of community and the magic of giving. You can be a part of this radiant experience by contributing in various ways, monetarily or non-monetary. Your support ensures that our enchanting display continues to shine brightly year after year.

Here are some ways you can join us in being a light in the community:

Monetary Contributions: Your financial support is invaluable in helping us create this memorable event. Every dollar you contribute enhances the beauty and magic of River Lights of Wonder.

Non-Monetary Contributions: Your time and talents can also make a significant impact. Whether you’re a volunteer, an artist, a local business offering in-kind donations, or someone wanting to share their creative ideas, your non-monetary contributions can help us.

Spread the Word: Help us shine even brighter by spreading the word about River Lights of Wonder. Every share, comment, and like on social media or word of mouth is a ray of light that brightens others’ Christmas experience cause.

Attend and Celebrate: Join us at River Lights of Wonder to experience the magic firsthand. Your presence and enthusiasm are part of what makes this event so special. Come with your loved ones.

We appreciate your support!